History of Château de Lassalle

History as we know it

Located between Moirax and La Romieu in the hamlet of Brimont, Chateau de Lassalle was once a lordship in the Bruilhois viscounty in the jurisdiction of Laplume. There is not much left of the old castle as the buildings were reworked and transformed over the centuries, resulting in the current building footprint constructed between the mid to end of the 18th century. The stone vaults in the outbuildings and the stone wall marking the edge of the west garden are estimated to be from the 11th century, where part of the outbuilding was likely a guard room of which three levels still remain.

Ownership of the chateau has been varied over the years. The current known history starts in 1485, when Meynard de Larroque, a clerk at the Armagnac Treasury, was the owner. At the beginning of the 16th century, the Godhailhs, a distinguished Agenais family, were lords of Brimont, including Jean de Godhail in 1499 and his son from 1502 to 1514. The latter’s son, Robert, was the successful bidder for the monastery of Moirax, which at the time was in ruins. It was probably at this time that the Château de Lassalle was enlarged and embellished with the opening of mullions in the old walls, some still existing. In 1538, Robert was denounced by his cousin to the Duchess of Valentinois for mistakes committed in the exercise of his office as receiver of the sizes. He was arrested and sentenced to be hanged on the forks of Montfaucon in Paris. Diane de Poitiers had part of her spoils awarded to her and enjoyed her property until 1564, when she sold the lands and habitats to Jehan and Lohys de Godhail, sons of Robert. The Lordship is then resold. In 1583, Noble Caprazy de Las, Lord of Espalais, married Mademoiselle Claude de Vergez, daughter of the Lord of Brimont. The land and the lordship then passed to the younger branch of the de Las whose descendants added Brimont to that of their family name, becoming the De Las de Brimont, a branch which continued until the middle of the 19th century. It was at the end of the 18th century that they built the current Directoire style residence, marked with the DLB crest above the current front entrance.

The last male survivor of the De Las de Brimont family, noble Philibert, died in 1864. He left two daughters, including Claudine who inherited the property when she married Louis-Marie d’Arblade de Seailles. They had an only daughter who became heir to the property. Widowed and without descendants, the daughter ceded the castle to her cousin Marie-Thérèse de Brondeau (great-granddaughter of Philibert de Las) upon her marriage in 1901 to Mr Robert Garrigues de Flaujac. The castle remained in the Flaujac family until 1954, when it was sold to the Revillon d’Apreval who in turn sold the property in 1969 to a doctor from Agen, Mr Orlandini. The Orlandinis lived at the chateau as a family for over 20 years and in the early 1990s, the castle was bought by Mr JP Laurens who transformed it into a hotel until its resale to Mrs and Mr Amadieu in 2003. In 2012 the château obtained its 4-star rating and continued to run as a hotel until the pandemic of 2020. The property was acquired by the current owners, Christina and Sassan Aminzadeh in 2022, and is currently being brought back to life as their home and holiday rental and wedding/conference venue.